Biography of Honorary Bishop Reynard Pulliam

Honorary Bishop Reynard Pulliam of Hampton, Georgia, is the Pastor Emeritus and founder of Greater Bethlehem Temple of Atlanta Inc. He and his wife Evangelist Geraldine are the parents of eleven children and have 32 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.

Honorary Bishop Reynard Pulliam is a native of Detroit, Michigan. He is an alumnus of Cass Technical High School. After graduating from high school, he pursued a degree in Civil Engineering at Wayne State University. He also attended University of Detroit College with a concentration in Business Administration.

One of Honorary Bishop Reynard Pulliam's first jobs with the City of Detroit was with the Water Dept. He was later promoted as a Civil Engineering Draftsmen. Honorary Bishop Reynard Pulliam was elected Chairman of the Civil Engineering Draftsmen of the City of Detroit. He met with the Mayor and Common Council to negotiate the salaries of all the Draftsmen of the City of Detroit.

Retailing was an intricate part of Honorary Bishop Reynard Pulliam's life. Mr. H. Allen Pulliam, the father of Honorary Bishop Reynard Pulliam was a renowned businessperson in the city of Detroit. Following the example of his father, he decided to try his hand in the retailing business. He resigned from the City of Detroit and pursued a career in retailing which opened many doors for him. Honorary Bishop Reynard Pulliam applied for a position with Sears Roebuck, the largest retailer in the country. Because of his industrious abilities Honorary Bishop Reynard Pulliam, was hired. After receiving many promotions at Sears Roebuck in the city of Detroit, he was transferred to Indianapolis, Indiana. During his tenure in Indiana, he was very successful and was promoted to the city of Galesburg, Illinois as Assistant Store Manager. He remained there until he came to Atlanta to start a church for the Lord, Greater Bethlehem Temple Church of Atlanta, Inc.

Honorary Bishop Reynard Pulliam was baptized in the name of Jesus when he was nine years old. Eight years later, he received the gift of the Holy Ghost under the late Pastorate of Bishop S. N. Hancock. Honorary Reynard Pulliam was quite active in the youth department. He was elected chairperson of the Gospel Crusaders. Under the leadership of Honorary Bishop Reynard Pulliam, the Gospel Crusaders membership exceeded five hundred. At this time, the Pastor (Bishop Samuel Hancock) requested that the Gospel Crusaders encourage local churches by visitation. Honorary Bishop Reynard Pulliam and the Pastor (Bishop Samuel Hancock) established a once a year out of state fellowship. Honorary Bishop Pulliam was later elected chairperson of the Young People and remained chairperson for a number of years. He was also Editor of the PCAF national magazine, Voice in the Wilderness, Secretary of the Michigan State Council, and later after moving to Indianapolis, he became Secretary of the Missionary Dept. of the Tri-State Council.

In the midst of Honorary Bishop Reynard Pulliam's flourishing business career, God selected him to be shepherd for his people. His first assignment was Pastoring in New Haven, Michigan. A few years later Bishop James Franklin, Pastor of Mt. Zion in Indianapolis, IN, recommended that Honorary Bishop Reynard Pulliam become an ordained minister and assist him. Sears Roebuck transferred later Honorary Bishop Reynard Pulliam to Galesburg, Illinois.

Later, he acknowledged God's divine direction to move to Atlanta, Georgia to establish a church.

Honorary Bishop Reynard Pulliam was in Georgia for three years when Bishop James O. Franklin, to Pastor First Apostolic Church in Fort Wayne Indiana, summoned him. Honorary Bishop Reynard Pulliam established a number of successful programs during his tenure at First Apostolic, including First Apostolic Christian Day Care and School, a community food program, and a clothing distribution center.

Honorary Bishop Reynard Pulliam remained at First Apostolic for three years and later returned to Georgia. Upon arriving in Georgia, he established Greater Bethlehem Temple Church of Atlanta. Temple Christian Academy was established in the year of 1996 and Greater Bethlehem obtained a membership with the Atlanta Food Bank.

Honorary Bishop Reynard Pulliam, has a passion for teaching church leaders, five Pastors have been sent to various states, under his leadership as the Pastor of Greater Bethlehem Temple Church of Atlanta. As a member of the Atlantic States Council of the Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith Inc., he held the positions of Assistant Council Chairman, Council Chairman, and Chairman of the Pastor's Board and Parliamentarian. He was voted Chairman of the Apostolic Alliance of Georgia, a group of Pastors and ministers and leaders to promote Apostolism in Metro Atlanta. His interaction with Pastors and corporate leaders around the Atlanta metropolitan area as well as in other states such as Michigan, Indiana, Florida, South Carolina, and Alabama has shaped him into a respected experienced teacher and leader.